Australia: Day Four - Adelaide

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall are visiting Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand for two weeks in November as part of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.


  1. The Duchess of Cornwall kicked off the day with a reception for Osteoporosis Australia at Government House in Melbourne.  Her Royal Highness is President of the National Osteoporosis Society in the UK and has a personal connection to the disease - both her mother and grandmother died as a result of the brittle bone disease.
  2. Day Four: Osteoporosis reception and speech
  3. She made an impromptu speech in which she spoke movingly of the suffering of both her mother and grandmother and urged the charity to continue its vital work to raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition and exercise, particularly in the young, to help build and protect bones.
  4. Meanwhile The Prince attended a symposium on urbanisation and gave a speech. 
  5. Afterwards, The Prince and The Duchess visited Victoria College of the Arts in Melbourne.  They met lots of talented young people who sang for them, most notably a superb rendition of Sing, the song written by Gary Barlow for the Diamond Jubilee.
  6. Later in the day, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visited Adelaide Convention Centre and were greeted by huge crowds.  They took their time and greeted as many people as possible, and were given endless flowers and presents by people who had waited a long time to see them.
  7. Day Four: Meeting crowds outside Adelaide Convention Centre
  8. They also visited famous winery Penfold's in Adelaide and tried a number of amazing products, including cheese, bread, and some special wine from the cellars.
  9. Day Four: Adelaide and Melbourne
    Day Four: Adelaide and Melbourne
  10. The Prince and The Duchess finished their day with a garden party at Adelaide's Government House, but before that kicked off they met two very special Australian marsupials.  Two rescued koalas, Matilda aged only 9 months, and Kao (short for chaos!) delighted Their Royal Highnesses. 
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  12. Day Four: Adelaide and Melbourne
    Day Four: Adelaide and Melbourne
  13. They heard about how they had been rescued as part of 50 years of conservation efforts by couple Warren and Rae Campbell.  The Duchess was particularly smitten and decided that she would like to take one of them home.
  14. Australia Day Four - meeting rescued koalas
  15. Here's a brief summary on  Soundcloud from Clive Alderton, Private Secretary to The Prince of Wales and Nicole Browne, who is a key part of the Australian media team helping organise this royal visit.