World War II Storify Assignment

How WWII affected Japanese-Americans, African Americans, Native Americans, and Women.


  1. World War II and Japanese-Americans...

  2. WAR AND JAPANESE EXCLUSION: After the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, racial prejudicies againsts the Japanese intensified. People feared that the Japanese-Americans in the government, media, and military were spies out to sabatoge the United States. Because of this, most if not all who lived on the West Coast were sent to relocation centers farther inland. Families had only a matter of days to decide what to do with their houses and businesses before they were uprooted and taken away from their towns. (source  )
  3. RACISM AND EXCLUSION: California representatives were extremely determined to do something about the "situation" with the Japanese-Americans in the USA. There were parts in Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona where Japanese were not allowed to live. Eventually, all Japanese were forbidden from living in the state of California. (source  )
  4. EXECUTIVE ORDER 9066: Executive Order 9066 was signed by President Franklin D Roosevelt. It said that all persons who were deemed a threat to national security were forced to relocate further inland. This was targeted towards Americans who were of Japanese origins because the USA was scared of Japan after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. It relocated thousands of Japanese-Americans living in the West Coast to other states such as Utah and Arkansas. (source  )
  5. RELOCATION OF JAPANESE-AMERICANS: This is a map displaying the areas where Japanese-Americans were forced to move to. (source  )

  6. World War II and African Americans…

  7. BLACKS IN WWII: Before WWII, the US Armed Forces were segregated. After WWII, the foundation for integrated armed forces was laid. While there used to be only a few blacks in the military, soon, 1.2 million blacks were serving the US. They held positions such as officers, maintenance workers, infantry men, tankers, medics, and pilots. The amount of blacks in the military grew a ton during WWII, and they made significant contributions in their battalions and bomber groups. (source  )
  8. INCREASE IN NUMBERS: By looking at the photo below, you can see the astounding number of blacks who enlisted in the Armed Forces because of WWII. (source  )
  9. BLACKS IN THE MILITARY: The photo below shows a few men preparing to ship out to Guam. It shows how blacks were given more opportunity in the military because of WWII than before. Pre-WWII, blacks were limited to non-combat missions and positions, but during WWII, they were able to take a variety of jobs that they were never able to have before. (source  )
  10. MILITARY EXPERIMENTS: However, even though the Armed Forces became integrated, it didn't stop the racism towards blacks. The US military was performing experiments using mustard gas and other chemicals on its soldiers to see what their effects were. While this sounds like a terrible thing to do to someone, it's worsened by the fact that a select few of these experiments were singling out blacks and other people of color by race. They were trying to see if the chemicals reacted differently depending on your ethnicity, and blacks were thought to be more resilient to these chemicals, so they were singled out. (source  )

  11. World War II and Native Americans…

  12. NATIVES IN WWII: The amount of Native Americans in the military also jumped as a result of WWII. At least 99% of eligible Natives registered for the draft. Because relations between the US and Natives were improving before WWII, the Native Americans were more inclined to help fight Germany, Italy, and Japan when the time came. No group that participated in WWII had a greater per capita contribution than the American Indians. (source  )
  13. CODE TALKERS: The most well known job of a Native American during WWII was a code talker. The purpose of a Navajo Code Talker was to send messages back and forth to the US military. But instead of speaking in English, they spoke in their native tongue. This way, if an enemy force intercepted their message, they wouldn't be able to translate what it said because it would be in a totally foreign language. (source  )