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  1. The day after Thanksgiving is devoted to putting up holiday decorations, watching movies, eating left overs, playing games. No Christmas before then and NO shopping on that day. My order of preference for Christmas giving is homemade, resale, and local.
  2. I'm putting a new spin on Black Friday by harvesting my chickens that day!
  3. Stay the hell away from the mall and all the madness. Sit in my warm cozy house and knit something warm for someone I love for Christmas.
  4. I spend the day, as many others during the season, working in our Christmas Thrift shop that supports our local humane society. At least when people shop til they drop here, they're recycling goods and supporting a good cause!
  5. My dad and I have been taking the train downtown and looking at the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving since I was 3 years old & this year will be no exception. The only things we buy are lunch (for us and sometimes my dad will invite a homeless person to eat with us) and some hot chocolate to warm up our hands and bellies. We do our Christmas shopping at our local stores in our town.
  6. Rest up Friday for Small Business Saturday!
  7. I watch movies on DVD and work the entire weekend after Thanksgiving.
  8. It's a buy nothing, go nowhere day devoted to making a huge pot of turkey stock that fills the house with a wonderful aroma.