Teddy Bear Sleepover at North Prospect Library

On the eve of National Libraries Day 2016, bears and other animals began to gather at a library in Plymouth for a very special overnight adventure.


  1. They did some crafts and then settled down for some bedtime stories.
  2. Their owners tucked them into bed, gave them a goodnight kiss and went off home.
  3. Night fell and the teddies were soon fast asleep.
  4. Or so we thought.
  5. We soon realised they had taken over the library's Twitter account and all we could was watch and see what happened.
  6. First they discovered the toys and realised an empty library makes a great racing track.
  7. Attracting the attention of the local media.
  8. Yoda decided to tell the others a story.
  9. They played a game of hide and seek
  10. Discovered the photocopier
  11. Explored more of the library with the help of Bookstart Bear.
  12. Used the computers for important research.