ClimatePlan's Leading The Way Convening 2016

On Monday, October 24, 2016, ClimatePlan brought together over one hundred regional planning leaders from around California to discuss leading practices for making California more healthy, equitable, and sustainable. The Leading the Way convening prompted lively conversation online and off!


  1. California Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols gave a powerful opening message to the group.
  2. A major theme of the day was how regional planning can advance equity -- how can it spur investment in disadvantaged communities? How can it promote housing affordability and curb displacement?
  3. Another major theme was evaluating the performance of scenarios and transportation projects. Projects that increase climate emissions, fragment habitats and farmland, and burden disadvantaged communities are not a good use of limited regional funds. That money could instead help achieve regional climate, health and safety, air quality, equity, and environmental goals!