10 Tips Every Soon-to-be Bride Should Consider Before Dress Shopping.

Your Guide to a Fulfilling Dress Shopping Experience.


  1. Let's face it, as women we see our wedding day as one of the most significant days of our lives; so much so, that two thirds of women begin planning their wedding even before finding a groom.
  2. While all aspects of a wedding can be seen is important, finding the perfect wedding dress is usually at the top of the bridal checklist list. In fact, 49% of single women say that they have already selected the type of wedding dress they'd want to wear on their special day; whenever that day may be.
  3. No matter the style, length, color etc. A woman's wedding dress should compliment her figure and make her feel like she's the most beautiful person in the world.
  4. As a woman and soon-to-be bride myself, I understand that finding the right dress can be just as important as finding prince charming.
  5. Sure, wedding dress shopping can be an overwhelming and exciting experience but be careful not to get sidetracked. Have a clear vision of what you want before you visit the bridal salon; this way, you'll save yourself, your entourage and your consultant some time. Do not attempt to try on every dress you lay eyes on and don't get distracted by simple things like "a dress that has pockets." Take it from popular Bridal salon owner "Lori Allen" who wants to remind you that it's easy to talk yourself out of the right dress if you become sidetracked by new and different styles.
  6. Say Yes to the Dress: 100 Dresses
  7. Every Bride may feel like she knows her body type best; i.e. what would look good on her and what wouldn't. The truth is, finding the right wedding dress is way more complicated than that. This is where bridal consultants come in. They are trained to dress various body types and can even make recommendations based on the type of wedding you're having and in what season or location you are having it. Don't be too quick to eliminate their opinions. Popular bridal website "The Knot" encourages soon to be brides to let go of preconceived notions and keep an open mind. When walking into a bridal salon, you may think you know exactly what you want, but in reality, “Ninety percent of brides leave with something completely different than what they had in mind when they walked in,”
  8. Trying on dresses out of your price range will never end well. This can only result in heartbreak or debt. Remember, Your veil, alterations and accessories will add to overall expenses. Be sure to factor these in Before you settle on a budget. Save yourself and others, time, trouble and money by shopping within/sticking to your budget.

    Remember, you don't have to break the bank to find a wonderful dress.