Success Stories and Data Security - 7th December 2016

The thinkBIM December brought delegates the perfect combination of case studies and a great keynote on data security. Our blogpiece here melds our Chair, Claire Thirlwall, own thoughts of the event with the wider Twitter conversation across the afternoon.

  1. One of the highlights of my work year is the annual ThinkBIMconference in Leeds. Having studied in Leeds for five years I love the city, so I can combine a nostalgic visit with a chance to improve my BIM knowledge.
  2. I have chaired the last two conferences and always enjoy the in depth discussion that the ThinkBIM conference provides. One perk of being Chair is the chance to get your questions answered, something I capitalised on at this week's event. Our keynote speakers Nathan Jones @nathanvj305 of Turner and Townsend gave a fantastic, if slightly unsettling, talk about PAS 1192-5,the security aspects of BIM and the role of Built Asset Security Manager (BASM - with this PAS come a whole new set of acronyms with which to bewilder your colleagues!)
  3. One aspect I'd not considered was the need to conceal the installation process for security related aspects of a project - the make and model of an item might be in the public domain but how you installed it can be concealed from public view during construction or refurbishment. This and other wider security issues are now outlined in this new addition to the PAS1192 suite of documents. Another issue particularly relevant to my profession of landscape architecture is that public open spaces can be classed as a sensitive build. Areas where large groups of people congregate can be a security risk so designers may need to work with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office insert (NATSCO).
  4. Our keynote talk was followed by three round table sessions with a choice of 5 topics per session. As in previous years these discussions have been a real highlight - a chance to get past "what is BIM?" whilst still being relevant to BIM newbies. During the closing session it was clear that it had been a useful and thought provoking event.
  5. Thank you to Duncan Reed @djhreed67 and Donna Lee @DonnaCKE for organising such a great event, and Tom Oulton @itsBIMupNorth and Paul Wilkinson @eepaul for such comprehensive tweeting that #tBIM2016 was trending on Twitter atone point.

    Claire Thirlwall

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