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Storify Launches iPad App

Storify promised a "big announcement" at midnight PST Wednesday and it delivered -- its first mobile app and a free one at that: Storify for iPad. It's using the hashtag #feb22 if you want to be part of the conversation to discuss this milestone for Storify.


  1. In the app, you can drag-and-drop with your fingers to create stories based on social media, pulling in from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and the Web. While tablets are seen by many as devices for content consumption, it allows the user to create content on the iPad and publish to the Web. It's in the app store now.


  2. Introducing Storify for iPad
  3. Here's the link to download Storify in the app store:
  4. Here are some early reviews.
  5. Here were some of the first reactions to the announcement on Twitter.
  6. With 25 minutes to go until the announcement, it's now clear why Storify co-founder Burt Herman has been silent the past 24 hours. He just issued his first tweet in that span. Storify co-founder Xavier Damman tweeted throughout today (scroll down for those tweets).
  7. With an hour to go until Storify's announcement, which will be live-storified here, one social media enthusiast made a prediction and received the following response.
  8. We're less than two hours from the announcement. Here is some of the latest Twitter chatter on the topic.