The wisdom of Richard Horton

Officially, Richard Horton edits the Lancet. Mainly, however, he jets around the world writing incredibly pompous tweets and sharing his juvenile, flat-pack left-wing opinions. His Twitter byline is "Welcome to a Permanent Attack on the Present". Oh, to be 17 again.


  1. Economics. Don't understand it, don't like it.
  2. Sin taxes are paid by consumers, not industries.
  3. Off to Geneva to celebrate AIDS.
  4. Now off to Turkey. Toodlepip!
  5. Stuck in a swanky hotel. Nightmare.
  6. Now in Tanzania...
  7. Then on to Norway...
  8. Back to Geneva...
  9. The slippery slope...
  10. More air miles. Now in Botswana to do, er, something.
  11. Good luck guys!