Frictionless Friction

Facebook call it "frictionless sharing" but the recent tie-up with Spotify has had the opposite effect...


  1. Back in September 2011 at the Facebook F8 Developer's Conference, Mark Zuckerberg introduced "frictionless experiences" - link timed to 39m47s in the YouTube video (the Spotify stuff starts about a minute later, the introduction to 'frictionless sharing', as it's later been called starts, around 33m).

    Here's a screenshot from the clip of 'frictionless serendipity patterns':
  2. PC World produced 'A Privacy Guide' a few days later.  Channel 4 News reported on the new 'Timeline' layout and noted the new partnerships with Spotify and Netflix.
  3. NMA TV picked up on the "Big Brother" aspects of this:
  4. and highlighting that apps will demand permission to publish everything they want before you're able to install and use them:
  5. Then came the recent Spotify integration and Charlie Brooker took to Twitter:
  6. which went on to form the basis for his latest column in The Guardian.
  7. Graham Linehan relayed Brooker's column to his followers:
  8. with a black and white, ice-cold example of frictionless revelation...
  9. Some sensible concerns were raised...