Topeka Tweet-A-Longs, by the numbers

#topekatweetalong this week goes through our greatest hits and showcases our open budget portal with its new feature: Revenues


  1. Well, everyone else is doing it. Which is a great reason to do anything, really (Read: Sarcasm). So let's go through the top #topekatweetalongs for 2015 and all the crazy-awesome things we saw this year. Hard to believe these things started just five months ago.
  2. And for added drama, I'm unveiling an update to Topeka's open budget portal.
  3. Now you can see where our revenue comes from, too.
  4. This blog will use some of the nuggets of knowledge I found on our portal.
  5. But without further ado, the top #topekatweetalong blog from 2015 is.....

  6. Patrolling with Animal Control in September. That was before Storify, so the pictures are harder to come by. If you missed that one, best click the link.
  7. That's when we learned the ACOs have a designated trash bin for the dead animals they find -- yes, including pets who don't have an owner. Sobering message for pet owners: Keep your four-legged friends on a leash.
  8. Using the revenue addition to our open budget portal, I found out Animal Control brings in about $72,600 from licenses and permits. TPD budgeted nearly $900,000 on the expense side.
  9. When I went out with ACO Lori Hopkinson, she told me to come back out in the winter. Because apparently my disdain for people who don't take good care of their pets can intensify.
  10. Well, Happy New Year, Topeka. I'm going out with ACO Lisa Pinkley from 1-3 p.m. Monday, Jan. 4.
  11. Opening the Topeka Rainforest came in second for most viewed blogs, followed by our time with property maintenance inspector Dennis Boyles.
  12. Then came forestry, when we took down a mighty tree. The budget portal shows the forestry department has about $780,000 in its budget, and earns about $15,000 for services.
  13. And in fifth was listening in on our Alternative Sentencing Court. The Topeka Capital-Journal's Justin Wingerter recently wrote about the court, if you don't want to take my word for it.
  14. But I'll get over it.

  15. More on our open budget portal. There are a lot of little treasures for data nerds such as myself to find. It's especially useful to those who want to know how the City spends their tax dollars and what revenues we bring in.