So that's what making mud sounds like

#topekatweetalong with water crew replacing a water meter box


  1. So this week with the water work crew wasn't even close to as muddy as it was last time. But there were still some treacherous moments:
  2. Today we were on a much more tame and routine job than replacing a valve several feet in the ground. This time, we replaced a water meter box. You might remember those from one of the first tweet-a-longs.
  3. Jason DeWitt, water services operations manager (and the gentleman who keeps setting up these awesome tweetalongs with water), says we replace boxes fairly regularly, mostly when the old boxes become a safety hazard.
  4. In this instance, the box in the 1700 block of NW Lyman Road was made of paper. It was deteriorating, and the ground was going with it.
  5. So we replaced it with a box made of PVC.
  6. To do that, the crews have to use a high-pressure water wand to knock away the dirt, and use a pick-up hose to suck up the mud. The mud goes into a container on the back of the work truck, which is taken to a City dump.
  7. Here's a play-by-play of the process:
  8. Vac-Tron work
  9. Removing the old box
  10. Preparing the new one
  11. Getting it settled.
  12. Isn't she gorgeous?
  13. And finally, cleaning the job site and making the hole safe until yard restoration can come out and fill the hole, to make sure no one is injured.