Snow Plow Champions

17 employees with the City of Topeka went head to head with some of the best snow plow drivers in the state. And DOMINATED.


  1. With a little computer magic, we were able to get the video of Deputy City Manager Doug Gerber completing the Snowplow Rodeo Course. It's almost 9 minutes (a wee bit longer than the experts took to complete the course), but it's pretty fun.
  2. And if you only want a glimpse, here's a short clip:
  3. So first, for those who never have seen a snow plow rodeo, here's a quick video, from the outside of the truck. The aim is to hit the metal bars inside the cones -- as the cones represent anything from children to adults to cars...NOTE: The video below is NOT us
  4. Now to the news: Topeka took home 24 places. The top 12 finishers in each competition technically placed, but we took home 11 Top Three trophies:Four 1sts. Three 2nds. Four 3rds. Booyah. Those guys get to go on a winner trip to an equipment factory (the snow rodeo also serves as an equipment expo)
  5. PLUS we took home the coveted top overall team prize -- for the fourth year in a row. Just sayin
  6. All of our 1st places were won by 18-year veteran Jim Fincham (the one on the right), who not only took home some considerable hardware
  7. Look at all that medal (OK so just 4 of the big ones are Fincham's)
  8. He also got a nickname....
  9. ...and shirt from the crew. He loves it...probably
  10. One important thing to note about this competition: It isn't all fun and games. It's a week-long conference that involves training, safety education, networking, gaining experience and recognition of staff's skills to help our crews be ready for the winter season. But...with all the medals we won, safe to say our streets will be plowed by the best in the business this side of the Mississippi.
  11. New to this year's competition, and the focus of Friday's #topekatweetalong, was a director competition. Department directors completed a snow plow obstacle course and written test that, according to our Doug Gerber, was "not just common sense."