6 department directors go in, 1 emerges victorious

Special edition #topekatweetalong Friday followed six department directors in their attempt to win a snow plow challenge


  1. So about 64 City employees, from streets, water pollution control, traffic and forestry, have been competing all week in our own Snow Plow Rodeo (the ones who swept the KC competition were invited, but not required, to do the training).
  2. Someone had the wonderful idea of inviting department directors to participate. So of course we took it to the next level.
  3. And made a trophy.
  4. We had six department directors/leaders participate: Megan Bottenberg, chief executive aide to the city manager. Corrie Wright, division director of housing services. Sasha Stiles, director of department of neighborhood relations. Brandon Kauffman, director of finance. Aly Van Dyke (for those who don't know yet, me), director of media relations. And Ted Clemons, budget analyst.
  5. (that's right, I won. What's up.)
  6. It was a wild time, but we learned a lot of important lessons. Chief among them, how difficult operating a snow plow really is:
  7. Bottenberg learned an important lesson herself: Hubris.
  8. I did not learn that lesson:
  9. Shout out to our coach, Dickey Malloy, for helping each of us through, and to Dave Juedes, scorekeeper, for being merciless.
  10. We did have the best team helping us go through the course:
  11. Some other #TIL (Today I Learned) from today:
  12. The full tweet-a-long is below if you want some of the drama. But I get to hang onto the trophy until next year. Sorry not sorry for all the gloating to come.