Removing the taboo on poo

#topekatweetalong hit Kansas Avenue Nov. 17 and 18 to promote United Nations' World Toilet day, bringing awareness to the sanitation crisis worldwide, and the services we offer in Topeka.


  1. True story: Nov. 19 is World Toilet Day -- a day created by the United Nations to bring awareness to the fact that one-third of the world doesn't have access to what you and I take for granted every day: A clean, sanitary toilet.
  2. As you likely know, but understandably don't think about with regularity, the City of Topeka provides your toilet services.
  3. In fact, our team of 84 maintains 84 pump stations and 840 miles of sanitary sewer, making sure you really don't have to think about us know.
  4. Because of the good work our crews do, we need to put a little extra effort into highlighting their work.
  5. So...we took poo to downtown Topeka for a couple afternoons...
  6. We had cupcakes.
  7. And the #poopsuit.
  8. Or Pooberta, whichever you prefer.
  9. Either way, she was awesome.
  10. Some might say we went overboard.
  11. And we do accept that we had a lot of fun.
  12. We weren't the only ones: