Remember long division? Yeah, me neither.

#topekatweetalong took the written and physical agility tests, step one toward becoming a Topeka Police Officer


  1. Let's try a little math problem, shall we?
  2. 24 TVs were stolen for a total value of $35,193. What is the average cost of each TV?
  3. You've got one minute. Oh, right.
  5. Make this interesting, and tweet your answer and/or a picture to @cityoftopeka.
  6. If that was harder than you thought it was going to be, join the club. There were multiple questions similar to that on the Topeka Police Department's written exam -- the first step toward becoming an officer. On the math portion, you had to answer 20 word problems in 20 minutes, without a calculator.
  7. You have to pass the written test (also features reading comprehension, grammar and incident report writing) to take the agility test, which you have to pass to get an application.
  8. That's how I spent my Saturday, to give you all a glimpse into the screening process TPD candidates go through. Check it out.

  9. We'll start with the physical agility portion, because video.
  10. First you had to squeeze a trigger 12 times in 15 seconds on each hand. This would be my first time actually squeezing a trigger. It's more difficult than I thought it would be.
  11. Then it's the timed obstacle course. Here's Officer Joyce going through one loop on the figure 8 obstacle course.
  12. You have to do that six times.
  13. Here's my attempt, via GoPro
  14. Topeka Tweet-a-long tries TPD Physical Agility Course
  15. Then you have to push and pull an 80lb machine five times each way. Really have to put your legs into that one.
  16. Then you have to hurdle a 3ft bar, do a push up on one side, hurdle it again, and do a sit up on the other. That's one time. You have to do it five times.
  17. All of that -- the figure 8, the push/pull machine, the hurdles -- has to be done in 4 minutes and 15 seconds to pass.
  18. THEN, once you've caught your breath, you have to lug a big bag weighing 80 pounds 50 feet in 35 seconds.