Recruit This

#topekatweetalong this week learned what it takes to recruit quality employees for the City:


  1. Right so a live tweet with HR doesn't sound like the most exciting thing in the world, I get that. I, too, had my doubts.
  2. Yes, I learned things, and I ended up doing some recruitment of my own. And I'll get to that, as embarrassing as it might be (spoiler alert: I have a fashion problem).
  3. But the biggest takeaway from today is the affect working with positive, upbeat people can have on your own mood.
  4. The HR reps at the job fair today were Joy Clark and Karen Ruecker.
  5. Watching them talk to people about their job with the City was uplifting. Here is Ruecker, just explaining why someone should apply for a job at the City.
  6. Already in a better mood, right?
  7. When they weren't talking to other people (which wasn't often, the job fair was PACKED), I asked them what Topeka's selling points were, why they were passionate about recruiting for the City. They do it about four or five times a year.
  8. For Clark, it was the variety of jobs and skill sets, plus giving people a way to serve their community.
  9. For Ruecker, it was management. Here's the full quote from the Tweet below: "We have a great group of people and great benefits. But even more, the managers and directors here really engage you. They're always looking down the road to your future, trying to better us as employees to move us forward."
  10. Working in Human Resources, Clark and Ruecker also get an inside into the 1,172 employees we have at the City. Their takeaway: Great people, who are down to earth and having a willingness to help.
  11. And that pretty well sums up what we are looking for in employees. Clark, take it away:
  12. I also actually learned a lot about our hiring process.
  13. For instance, the City has a Personnel Review Committee (affectionately referred to as the Hiring Squad). It meets every two weeks to approve, or deny, position requests. Before a job is posted on our website (, this committee of five makes sure it fits our organizational goals.
  14. Here is what Deputy City Manager Doug Gerber had to say about the PRC: "It ensure every position meets Topeka's priorities of efficiency and customer service. Sometimes positions are denied or filled differently than requested, whatever best meets organizational needs."
  15. Basically: We don't just rubber stamp jobs.