It's stump grinding time

#topekatweetalong went out with forestry, this time to grind down some stumps and plant a couple trees


  1. This tweet-a-long is going down as the raddest to date. And for a completely selfish reason.
  2. I went out with Travis Tenbrink, assistant forester, and John Sterbenz, an aborist, to a house on York Way (it's East of Gage between Huntoon and 15th).
  3. They were out there to plant a couple of trees -- which I learned we do IF the homeowner buys the tree (these ones ran $300 per) and IF the tree will be in the right of way.
  4. And they were there to grind down the stumps of two trees, also in the right of way, that we had to remove after a storm caused irreparable damage. That's the step after we've cut down a tree.
  5. Now to the really fun part. Check out the equipment we used today.
  6. The stump grinder. The blades are insane, and the sound it makes will haunt my dreams.
  7. And our old friend, the grapple truck.
  8. I, with forester Adam Moser standing nearby, got to use both of them.
  9. You control both of them with hand levers. The grapple truck has a foot pedal as well. They're challenging to maneuver, but Moser says you eventually get the hang of it.
  10. Our crew planted a tree and ground a stump in two hours. They had another tree to plant and another stump to grind, but the work should be done today. Crews will return to mulch and water the trees.
  11. On that point, Tenbrink had a little PSA for all of you:
  12. We had some questions about planting trees.