Flora over Fauna

#topekatweetalong went around with Rick Knight, the Topeka Zoo's horticulturist. He's hilarious.


  1. Hi, Rick!
  2. Let me just get this out of the way: Rick Knight, the Topeka Zoo's horticulturist, is arguably the City's funniest employee.
  3. He had fun interacting with people on Twitter, even though he had no idea how you were talking to us.
  4. Rick manages horticulture for the zoo's 44 acres.
  5. So, Rick, how do we amateurs get a green thumb like yours? Good advice....still think plants come to my me to die.
  6. But don't be mistaken: Rick's job has a lot more dangerous than my sad attempt at gardening:
  7. His goal for the Zoo and vision for the Rainforest are tied to the needs of the animals. It looks amazing in the springtime (don't just take my word for it), and winter is definitely the time to hit the Rainforest (toasty). But ultimately, Rick's main audience is the animals.
  8. Today's tweet-a-long was jam-packed with information. Read on to learn about the zoo's 19-year-old "no poo" compost pile, what bananas you should NOT eat and some of the zoo's most unique flora.