City foresters have the best view in town

#topekatweetalong this week went on a tree removal for a residential sidewalk repair. The view was awesome.


  1. The chronological tweet-a-long is below, but the pictures and videos on this one were too cool not to put up front.
  2. First: The view.
  3. The bucket truck, as it's called because it hauls workers up in a bucket, reaches 80 feet into the air. Arborist Mike Thompson said you can see the whole city from up there. That's the Capitol in the back at the beginning.
  4. Second: The Tree. It was in the 1300 block of S.W. Lakeside Drive, near Huntoon/Oakley/Westboro Park. The resident wanted to repair the sidewalk, and this tree is in the public easement.
  5. And third, because I know this is what you really want: TIMBER
  6. Next we've got the toys needed to do the job.
  7. You already met the bucket truck.
  8. This is the chipper.
  9. Then we have the grapple truck.
  10. Oddly enough, using the grapple truck doesn't make you any better at those arcade games, according to City Forester Adam Moser. "They're not the same," he said, though, he addmitted, the trucks they get to work with are a bit like big kids playing with awesome toys.
  11. After they took me up and got to work (I held them up a bit, sorry everyone), Mike went back up and started clearing the smaller tree branches.
  12. The next video is a bit later, once all the minor limbs are down. At this stage, the forestry crew has to rig up a pulley system to counter the 100+ pounds of tree stump they are cutting down to make room for the big fall. It's pretty neat to watch.