Cruising with the Cruiser Cab

#topekatweetalong Wednesday was with the Cruiser Cab, demonstrating TPD's Clean Driving, Clear Choices initiative


  1. If you've seen this car around town, no doubt it turned your head. Spoiler alert: That's kind of the point.
  2. No, it's not a new city service providing taxi rides, though that's what a lot of people think at first glance.
  3. It's the centerpiece of the Topeka Police Department's Clean Driving, Clear Choices initiative, that calls attention to the many, many ways you can get pulled over for driving under the influence.
  4. I mean, seriously:
  5. The half-cab, half-cruiser (where it gets its name, Cruiser Cab. Yes, I had to write this out to get that), shows people their two choices when they are impaired: A $15 taxi ride, or a $2,500 trip to jail
  6. Just be careful the next time you come up on a could be the Cruiser Cab.
  7. The Cruiser Cab has all the functionality of a patrol vehicle, should the need arise. But officers driving the car are exempt from calls. Their focus is education.
  8. #topekatweetalong went around Wanamaker the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving -- the busiest night for bars and second only to New Years for DUIs -- with Officer Jennifer Gogian. Listening to her talk about the initiative for a night is enough to really make you rethink your options.
  9. And just to set the record straight: Wednesday's #topekatweetalong was my first time riding in the back of a patrol vehicle. Funny, everyone.