1. "a superb presentation across the board.” Daily Telegraph ★★★★★
  2. " Grab them quick!!! - watched it tonight - excellent production" Comment on Facebook 3 May 2012
  3. "Well done to all the cast of King Lear. I came to see the show last night and was totally spellbound. David Hayman's portrayal of the madness is first class and the ensemble is amazing. Bravo to you all." Comment on Facebook 29 Apr 2012
  4. "a production that is as gripping as it is poignant." The List

  5. "Definitely deserves 5 stars!" Comment on Facebook 26 Apr 2012
  6. "Deserves 5 stars! I had a restricted view but the way that it was staged I only missed a tiny piece of the action, still well worth it." Comment on Facebook 26 Apr 2012
  7. "Just back from tonight's show. Absolutely stunning performance from David Hayman (who was equally awesome as Lady Macbeth in '79...god, I'm old) and equally so from Kieran Hill as Edmund. My 15yr old son - a theatre virgin and tough crowd at the best of times - loved it too. Bravo Citz!" Comment from Facebook 27 Apr 2012
  8. "stunning performances"  The Scotsman ★★★★ 
  9. "Hmm...she omitted to mention the exceptionally worthy and fabulous Kathryn Howden. I thought her performance was a very powerful and heartfelt standout." Comment on Facebook 26 Apr 2012
  10.  "It was incredible. Looking forward to seeing what Dominic Hill does with Beckett next month." Comment on Facebook 26 Apr 2012
  11. “There’s a glorious circularity to David Hayman’s return to the Citz after a 20-year absence in Dominic Hill’s mighty production of Lear.”  The Herald  ★★★★