Bike Jerseys Help Racers Make a Statement

Cyclists looking for city jerseys or other custom-made cycling sportswear are in luck.


  1. Cyclists looking for city jerseys or other custom-made cycling sportswear are in luck. Online sporting goods distributors who specialize in cycling gear are ready to serve bicycle enthusiasts throughout the US. Below are some of the many advantages these new sporting goods distributors have over stores that are just brick-and-mortar locations.

    Cycling jerseys are now completely customizable. Colors, patterns, lettering, and numbering can be added in nearly infinite combinations.

    Jerseys can represent a home city, state, country, team, individual, favorite rock band, quotation, or anything else the cyclist can think of. Many templates for country-, state-, and city-based jerseys already exist, so cyclists do not have to make all the design decisions on their own. Cyclists can also choose from a variety of pre-made patterns.

    Top jersey brands are represented by this service, including Canari, Endura, Primal Wear, Retro Image Apparel, and World Jerseys.

    Several cuts of jerseys and collars are available for maximum comfort, reduced irritation and static, and muscle support.

    Many online sportswear companies that specialize in cycling will have other related accessories. These include bicycle mirrors, bike locks, cycles, cycling tools, handlebar bags, pedals, rear cycling racks, seats, and sports drinks.

    They will also have information on local, state, and national races, training opportunities, safety seminars, and other cycling-related activities.

    Many have online stores have physical locations that are connected to training centers. Shops like Circle City Bikes sell used and new cycles for racing, mountain biking, and street biking. Some have "reverse auctions" in which new bikes from older models are lowered in price until they are eventually bought.

    Because of their online, image-based websites and design software, custom-designed jerseys have a faster turnaround.

    Cycling shops can be a one-stop shopping source for novice and professional cyclists alike. Most employees and online customer service can be an excellent resources for information about races, cycling safety, training, work out strategies, nutrition, and cycling products. When seeking out a cycling supply company, look for one staffed by employees who have experience in the sport. Once found, these shops provide a starting point for knowledge as well as a continual source of information. As practitioners of the sport, they will be to help cyclist find competitive prices, great races, and a strong, close-knit community of fellow athletes.