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Blame Canadia

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott isn't the first to call the Great White North by that name. It's almost a term of endearment


  1. Abbott, arriving in Ottawa for his first visit, slipped and called his host country Canadia before correcting himself quickly. Not quickly enough, though, to stop #Canadia from trending in Australia. 
  2. It turns out the first Twitter reference to #Canadia was on June 2, 2009 by indie filmmaker Carlos Pedraza, who uses it from time to time. 
  3. In fact, the Urban Dictionary traces it to Feb. 1, 2004 as "A special word for Canada" not unlike Narnia, as in the sentence "I went to Canadia today!" 
    There's even a song that mentions it by MC Frontalot
  4. Canadia - MC Frontalot
  5. Not to mention diamonds and a bank in Cambodia and a flag company. 
  6. The Australian prime minister just kept rolling along.