Considerations When Buying Customised Gifts Like Calendars and Non Woven Bags from a Supplier in Singapore


  1. Whenever we buy a gift for someone special, we always consider a lot of things and we tend to be so picky about it especially if we like the person a lot. Some people even consider buying a gift that is fully customized to their liking so that the recipient will appreciate the gift more.Well, it does always work but the thing is, you have to make sure that it is something that they would really need, as well as it is something that can be handy for their daily lives.

    So when picking a gift, let us consider three basic things; age of the recipient, their preference, and your budget. Here are more in depth explanations of each factors of gift buying:

  2. Age of the recipient - As it suggests, the gift you are buying must be appropriate to the age of the one who is going to receive it. Because if it is not, then they may not appreciate your gift that much or worse, they may not be able to use it or get any benefit from it. They might even just end up giving it away to someone else who will be able to. So for kids, it is best to settle with toys or school supplies like notebooks, pencil case, and crayons. As people who are in their late teens or early twenties, stuff like custom printed t shirts, jackets, or maybe electronic accessories. Now for people who are middle aged, you should consider buying stuff that can be of benefit to their daily life like non woven bags which you can get from many suppliers here in Singapore, as well as printing a customized calendar so you can put their family name on it, which can be a good display for the living room or maybe some customized fridge magnets with their family's picture on it. These are the usual things people in their age usually appreciate.

  3. Their preference - Not all of us have the same taste. Some people may choose clothes over electronics, some people may prefer computer accessories than shoes. So as long as you know their preference, then it can help you find the best gift for them. It does not only go with what kind of things they like, but also to smaller details like their favorite color. If you are not too sure, it is not a bad idea to ask the recipient about what they want to receive. That can definitely help you get a hint on which item to buy.

  4. Budget - This is pretty much self-explanatory. Even if you like the person a lot, you should still set the right budget for it. You would not want to cheap out that they may start to think that you are a cheapskate, or spend way more than what you are supposed to that you will not be able to pay your bills for the next month. Just try to balance it out, make sure that whatever you are buying does not cost too much and is not too cheap for a good gift.