#ChSocM chat 09/27/16: #SMS16 debrief

Social Media Sunday. Even if you didn’t participate, we need your voice!


  1. Moderated by Regina Heater (@reckshow)

    T1: Did you participate in #SMS16?
    T1a: What factors influenced your participation decision?
    T2: Did you use any additional hashtags?
    T3: What was reception like in your community? What feedback did you receive?
    T4: Did you measure participation w/ any metrics tools? was the info helpful?
    T5: Did you use any resources from the FB group?
    T6: What is your plan for followup/assessment of your participation with #SMS16
    T6a: Did #SMS16 help you identify ppl who might be #chsocm ambassadors in the future?
    T7: Name something you learned this year you want to remember for next year #SMS16
    T8: Name something you learned during #SMS16 you can use in everyday #chsocm ministry