Viewers' guide to live coverage of election night

There are lots of options for online political junkies to catch live coverage of tonight's U.S. elections. Here are a few.


  1. The Huffington Post has its own live coverage with a widget beside the player that allows viewers to upload a comment or their own video.
  2. Fox News makes its real-time-updated electoral map the showcase of its live page, with a livestream on the right
  3. CNN seems to have split its live coverage between the live stream from TV
  4. Their election centre is full of all sorts of goodies to allow you to follow the races.
  5. ABC is teaming up with Yahoo! and going to YouTube for its livestreaming online election coverage
  6. Election Night 2012 Live - Your Voice, Your Vote - from ABC News and Yahoo News
  7. NBC has a nice, one-stop shop, including its livestream
  8. CBS is teaming up with UStream for its live coverage
  9. PBS is also going the UStream route
  10. NPR has an extensive election page, with a link to a really cool "big board" of results:
  11. The American political blog, Politico, is offering its own livestream and live Twitter feed on its site
  12. Al Jazeera, which is used to streaming live news events, is hosting election coverage on its site tonight
  13. The Washington Post has given its homepage over to the U.S. elections, with easily navigable live results, photo galleries and video
  14. So has The New York Times. The Times has also dropped its paywall for tonight's coverage.