Highlights from the Designing for Smart Citizens conference

Relive the day through pictures and tweets: Our conference Designing for Smart Citizens at The Danish Architecture Center - storified.


  1. 125 people participated in our Designing for Smart Citizens conference at Danish Architecture Centre on November 24th. Liselott Stenfeldt sets the scene for the day.
  2. The first keynote speaker of the day was Carlo Ratti, architect and founding partner of Carlo Ratti Associati and director of Senseable City Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Amongst many other things he showed us the traffic intersections and the supermarkets of the future.
  3. Next up was Sam Hill, co-founder at PAN Studio, talking about the playful city and their augmented reality running app Run An Empire:
  4. Urban designer Euan Mills from Future Cities Catapult pointed out, that we can't do any proper (smart) city planning if we don't know our neighbours.
  5. Next up were the founder of Austrian bike business My Esel. They make custombuilt wood bikes.
  6. "Body proportions differ a lot. Current serial production can't address these individual needs. We developed a software that helps calculate your perfect bike. Co-designed by the customer", says Christoph Fraundorfer, co-founder from My Esel.
  7. Michael Badics, senior director of AE Solutions - Ars Electronica, was up next. AE Solutions develops the most promising prototypes and research results of the Ars Electronica Futurelab into products ready for real-world implementation.
  8. Torben Glock is project manager at Digital Bydel, where he works with project on how to inform, involve and enter into dialogue with citixens in new ways through digital solutions in the urban landscape.
  9. Rikke-Gram Hansen is special advisor and project lead at Copenhagen Solutions Lab and responsible for developing Street Lab in Copenhagen.
  10. Architect and Doctor of Technology Anne Stenros is Chief Design Officer at Helsinki City Lab.
  11. Architect Katarina Rundgren works at Testbedstudio that recently completed some engaging interiors for children with smart (and unsmart) elements.
  12. Anthony Rowe, founder of Squidsoup, focuses on mixed reality experiences. Lots of beautiful pictures of their installations followed.