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  1. The fortune is in the list baby! Building an email list is crucial. The idea is to have a list of potential customers who have opted in to your email list. Communicate with the list on a regular and consistent basis. The beauty is that you can market to them over and over again. They have shown an interest in what you have to offer, which means they are in your target market and may be willing to purchase your products or services. Crowdfunding marketing agency company is help you for your business visit here.

    A proven way to build your Press Release, Social media, Email is to have an irresistible offer that requires an opt in. Your irresistible offer can be a free e-report, eBook, ecourse, video series, teleclass, blog template or any offering in your expertise. You can set up a dedicated optin or squeeze page, for example, ''. You can also place the offer on your blog or website with an optin form underneath or linked to it. The great thing about squeeze pages is that they are simple and to-the-point, often giving people one option only. The option is to complete the opt in form in order to receive the free offer.

    The next thing to do is promote your irresistible offer. Make sure your offer and optin form is visible on every page of your website or blog. Remember that website visitors do not always land on the home page first. Here are a few ways to promote your offer and grow your list:

    - Press Release
    - Email signature
    - Business cards
    - social media
    - JV partnerships
    - speaking engagements
    - Article marketing
    - video marketing
    - blog posts
    - teleclass

    Then last, but not least, start building a relationship with your list. Send regular updates, start a weekly or bi-weekly ezine. Share personal updates in your life with each issue, nothing long or too detailed, just little nuggets of information. Use pictures in your updates or ezines and experiment with different media. For instance include an audio file or video in some of your mailings.

    When you develop and cultivate a good relationship with your email list they will learn to trust you and most importantly your recommendations, products or services. Your email open rate tends to be higher also plus your list is more responsive. This is called authentic marketing in some circles.

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