EID 100 - Week 11

The Future


  1. For our last class of the semester, we talked about the future directions of the digital world. What will life be like in 2020? Where are we headed and what can we expect to see?
  2. Jeffrey Cole sums it up pretty nicely in this video '2020 Shaping Ideas'
  3. Jeffrey Cole - 2020 Shaping Ideas
  4. A couple trends we'll notice: Interop increase, information overload, convergence and transmedia. We also talked about the Internet of Things, which was a topic earlier this semester. Everything these days seems to have a life; we can track things, monitor things, and connect things. But where do we draw the line? This article discusses how this internet of thing can threaten 'to squash us'
  5. Another interesting topic within the future of the digital age is social media. Already, we've seen this growth of sharing personal information on the web, whether that may be through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform. Are we beginning to rely too much on living an online life rather than living in real time? It's definitely become noticeable that there's an increase of cellphones at dinner tables that's for sure! I found this video on YouTube that made me think about my own social media habits (that I should probably work on):
  6. Do We Share Too Much Information Online?
  7. Whether you think there's too much dependence on technology these days or if you think people need to get more into it, it's an ever-changing industry, moving at a quick pace. Here's what some people in the twitter-verse are saying about living in this age of technology:
  8. The future seems to be coming at us faster and faster, and the digital world is becoming more advanced as each day progresses. I think it's great for our society because it's bringing the world closer together. What do you think our lives will be like in 10 years?