CES 2013: The good, the bad and the weird

Your intrepid Team Tech from the L.A. Times has been out in force at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show. Along with our blog posts and analysis, we've been Instagramming (is that a word?) and tweeting like mad. Here are our favorite products and moments from the show so far.

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  1. The new Samsung 110" 4K TV. This thing looks HEAVY.
  2. Check out @Flygrip: a tool for holding 5-inch phones with one hand #ces
  3. Check out the massive 6.1-inch screen Huawei Ascend Mate smartphone #ces #puppy
  4. Belkin's Thunderstorm surround sound case for the iPad is so loud it shakes #CES
  5. Neat looking 65" Sony 4K TV with speakers #CES
  6. 4K on the left, reg HD on the right #ces #nofilter
  7. The Vizio prototype glasses-less 3D TV #ces
  8. China-based Hisense brought a transparent 3D TV concept to #CES.
  9. Photo by sjcobrien * Instagram