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How to Create Your Own Tackle Box

Learn simple steps for how to create your own tackle box.


  1. When we think about the topic of fishing lures and fishing tackle we can easily get confused, as there are a multitude of choices on today’s market. It is easy to understand why so many people are intimidated trying to make the best choice.

    As you walk down the aisle of any sporting goods store you are confronted by row after row of lures in every size and color imaginable. How do you go about choosing the right fishing lure for your use? This is an important question and the best way to demonstrate how to accomplish this daunting task is to set up a virtual tackle box.

    Let me show you how you would go about setting up a tackle box for both freshwater and saltwater use. For freshwater fishing let’s use Large & Small Month Bass as the example.

    Starting with bass fishing lures that are used for these feisty fish can pose a dilemma as the habitats, which these fish live in, are varied from still water lakes and ponds to swift flowing water where Smallmouth’s live. However, there are some short cuts you can take and still cover all your bases with a few styles of lures.