.@PepsiCo's 2nd Annual #CSRYouthForum

On Sunday, June 10th, the second PepsiCo CSR Youth Forum was held in JBR, bringing together like-minded youth from the UAE and from around the region to debate and develop a route for creating a more sustainable and healthier future. These are their thoughts!


  1. Youth Power at CSR Youth Forum UAE!
  2. Pepsi Co Youth Forum 2012. Dubai.
  3. It's go time! Teams from @PepsiCo, @KetchumPR, @IIRMiddleEast, and @MurdochUniDubai arrive bright and early to set up the room.
  4. Join the conversation and tweet #BEtheCHANGE !
    Join the conversation and tweet #BEtheCHANGE !
  5. 9:30 a.m.: First youth delegates arrive, excited for the forum to start!
  6. After a welcome by @NitinMirani, the day kicked off with a panel and Q&A session with representatives from @PepsiCo, @_ananasa, and @ADCauseConnect.
  7. The delegates then split up into three discussion groups to talk about pressing social issues in the realms of environmental, human, and talent sustainability.