The Joys of Building RPMs

I often have the "pleasure" of managing, building and releasing a perl.rpm for the development team at work. This week has not been a good one.


  1. Following a new branch being created from a passing build in master I found myself waiting for CPAN tests to randomly fail and cause the build to fail. Finally on Thursday I had a passing build.
  2. Continuing the process I was faced with an RPM that wouldn't install because it didn't think it had some modules it needed.
  3. I hunted round a bit and found a possible workaround for the package detection script deficiency. 
  4. After a successful build overnight (miracle!) I grabbed the RPM and tried to install it. More unmet dependencies. Apparently '2.122' is not a suitable version to meet a dependency for a minimum version of '2.120630'.
  5. I'm about ready to thrown things through windows. Seriously, why is this so difficult? I look forward to my Star Trek future where they won't ever have to worry about version numbers and version control ... everything will just work. Right?