I'm not sure Evans get it

I mentioned Evans Cycles in a tweet about my blog post. This led to more frustration, confusion, comedy, people grabbing popcorn ... and no actual resolution to the original issue.


  1. I gave them a few hours to finish the sentence before nudging them.
  2. Yes, I played the tonsillectomy card! Sue me!
  3. So Evans replied with another tweet with no contact information at all. Maybe they should stop with the online selling and move to writing episode endings for soap operas.
  4. After waiting a day to see if they ever worked out how to finish a tweet I went on a bit of a ranty reply spree.
  5. First of all trying to explain why their replies are somewhat useless.
  6. Then trying to point out that I'd already used email to try to resolve the issue I'm having.
  7. Trying to make it clear that I don't currently want a lovely chat with them, I just want the money for the order they failed to fulfil.
  8. Helped them find me without posting my email address on the internet.
  9. Finally hinting that they could also use my reverence number to track down the issue and just resolve it.
  10. I'm just waiting to see what happens next.