Why did you #ChooseChico?

It's admissions decision time, so we asked our current students and alumni via Facebook and Twitter, "Why did you choose Chico State?"


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  2. 1- Friendly people 2- Friendly community 3- Great School 4- Amazing Experience
  3. It's beautiful, great school academically, good nursing program, & far from home :P can't wait 'till fall 2014 to become a wildcat! :D
  4. Amazing little city full of character! TONS to do. Amazing bike and hiking trails so close to home! And of course, a beautiful campus with amazing teachers.
  5. The most memorable years of my life. Wildcat for life!
  6. Northstate area, good student teacher ratio, diverse, always something to do, friendly people, great academic programs and REAL seasons
  7. I just enrolled today! I chose it because I loved the small town feel, and the beautiful campus. It just felt right me.
  8. For our Construction Management Department! #DoWork
  9. It had the same mascot and school colors as high school musical.
  10. Physical Education Department is fantastic. Also a great, friendly town. You can't beat the Chico atmosphere.
  11. I chose Chico because I had a friend there. But I would soon discover the amazing PE Dept & loved the community. 18 years later, I love the profession Chico prepared me for & I am still very close to the friends I made there. I can't imagine a better college experience.
  12. I am an alumi Wildcat!! Love this small quaint town!! Many activities and sights to see and the education is the best!!! Love my Wildcats! Late 1960's!!
  13. Great school...great people...great town. Some of the best years of my life.
  14. Great school with great teachers (College of Business is the best), great city with great people, and a lifetime of memories...what else could someone ask for.
  15. I chose Chico because of its small town feel, the beautiful campus, and the small student to teacher ratio.
  16. Beautiful campus, awesome school, great community, and fun town! Best college experience!
  17. The campus and the anthropology department...I stayed because of the residential life staff,the amazing friends I made and the town itself!!!!
  18. My daughter will be going here this August. We are 9 hours away. Am I nervous Yes but I have heard nothing but great things about the college the town and the programs. All will be OK
  19. Lorraine, my son will be a junior next year. I was also nervous when he started school there. His experience has been a great one so far. I am very happy we chose Chico. Great school and professors. We live in Los Angeles, so I understand your situation. Good luck to you and your daughter!
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