The Silverado is Leading the Truck Market, and There's Some Very Good Reasons Why

If it had to come down to one singular feature for the Silverado’s quality and sales performance over competing brands, it is towing quality.


  1. 55,000 more buyers went with Chevrolet’s de-facto truck, the Silverado, over competing options from either Dodge or Toyota. It isn’t hard to see the aggressive push from competing brands. Dodge and Toyota are pushing their own trucks in marketing, particularly commercials, and yet they still seem to come up short.

    What is it about that Chevrolet Silverado that gives it that masterful edge? The Silverado is dominating the auto market not out of coincidence or convenience. There must be something more, as promised by a Los Angeles Chevrolet dealership.

    A Guide to Quality Towing

    If it had to come down to one singular feature for the Silverado’s quality and sales performance over competing brands, it is towing quality. The Silverado has a towing capacity of about 8,000 pounds. This is the rating for the regular cab. Upgrades can take this number closer to 12,000 or more.

    It’s a pretty substantial number, especially when Dodge can barely scrape together 6,000 on a good model. It offers flexibility. Drivers can manage trailers without a problem, campers, and even large-sized trailing boats with only a little pressure to the wheels and cab. It’s all another day’s work.

    Safety Records

    More and more consumers are interested in safety ratings, and that can only be a good thing for the Silverado. The built-in rollover mitigation technology essentially protects the truck from rolling over entirely in virtually any scenario. The combined sway control adds an additional layer of security.

    Latest Silverado models have a dedicated collision safety system. It starts with the forward-mounted camera to give drivers a full view of approaching obstacles. The side-spotter mirror covers blind spots. With the high elevation and the six standard air bags, few trucks can even compete with the sheer safety of being inside.

    The safety is extended to immobility. If the truck is down for any reason, the hazard lights will be automatically engaged, the doors will lock, and the fuel system will close off to prevent any fires.

    A local Chevrolet car dealer can walk potential buyers through all the specifics of the Silverado. Witness these features firsthand and not through documentation. Deals and special rates from a trusted Chevrolet car dealer are available every season.

    Win a Chevrolet for the New Season

    The new season is around the corner, and buyers are clamoring for a new truck. The Silverado is the premium option, for all of the reasons discussed above. Contact a local dealership to Win Chevrolet and be a part of one of the best trucks in the industry.