These Pictures Will Show You Just How Serious California's Drought is

If you've traveled down the I-5, you've probably seen signs reading "Serious Drought Help Save Water." They're just over-exaggerating right? Wrong. California is experiencing a very, very serious drought and the pictures I'm going to share with you will show you just how bad it is.


  1. I stumbled across these photo's on Facebook after a friend shared this post on imgur.  These images are startling. You can clearly see how much the shoreline has receeded.
  2. Go look at them if you haven't seen them.
  3. Seriously....GO LOOK AT THEM NOW!!!
  4. ------------------------>   California's Water Reservoir has dropped to 17% of CAPACITY!!!   <------------------------
  5. BEFORE:
  6. AFTER:
  7. This prompted me to do a little digging, fact checking if you may.  Sources around the web concur that there we have some serious problems in the future if we don't start making some changes.  Residents in this town are ALREADY RUNNING OUT OF WATER!
  8. In Porterville, CA located Southeast of Fresno, the water wells are litterally running dry.  That's a scary thought.  We've been had rolling blackouts before but what do we do if we don't have water?  Maybe it's time to stock up...  
  9. So that raises the question about the Ice Bucket Challenge.  It started out well and then people began to question the pouring out of water.  While it is indeed for a noble cause and has had a marvelous affect, is there a better way to raise awareness about ALS?  
  10. Think that Water Conservation and this whole drought thing doesn't effect you?  Guess again.  6.5% of California's energy cost goes toward moving water throughout city water mains.  What's more, excessive use can lead to sink holes like this one in Guatemala in 2010.  It was 60 FEET WIDE!!  
  11. And remember what happened a few months ago in San Diego.  This was the 3rd time in the past decade that this area has experience serious fires that burn't thousands of homes. Just look at the devesatation from this shot. What would you do if this was your home?
  12. Here's a list of Wild Fires in California since the 1888.  Notice how back then, there were only 2-3 wildfires per decade.  In 2010 alone, WE'VE HAD 16 WILDFIRES in the state of California!  Newsflash.
  13. So the next time you see this....
  14. Think about this....