Acapulco Chairs: Classic Mexican Style Makes a Comeback

Quirky, unique, but always stylish, Acapulco chairs are a great fit for your modern patio! Wildly popular in the 50's and 60's, the classic Acapulco chair fell out of favor in the last decades of the 20th century. However, the style is enjoying a new renaissance, and people seem to be all for it!


  1. Acapulco chairs are experiencing something of a renaissance, becoming insanely popular in recent years after a decade-spanning era of stagnation. But now they're coming back with a vengeance, spearheaded by the thinktanks of some of the greatest furniture design firms in the world. Not since their creation in the 50's have Acapulco chairs enjoyed such fame. And it's not hard to see why. Just look at these chairs, and their numerous modern iterations that make the style even MORE versatile and hip:
  2. The hammock just got some serious competition. Check out the Acapulco Chair on
    The hammock just got some serious competition. Check out the Acapulco Chair on 
  3. Or read these articles about how Acapulco design is changing for the better, the brighter, the chic-er (and are setting record sales numbers for several of the internet's most prominent patio furniture retailers and thought leaders):
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  7. Modern Acapulco chairs don't just come in the classic Mayan-inspired weave pattern anymore. Sometimes the style is used to great effect in dining tables, ottomans, high-seat bar stools, and even rocking chairs. Like this rocking chair below, front-left, in beautiful turquoise:
  8. And Pinterest is just full of cool Acapulco designs. Indeed, the chair seems to be taking over the internet (or at least the interior and exterior design niches):
  9. Maybe it's just the images conjured up by summer sun, but people are flocking to these chairs in unprecedented numbers.

    But where does this fascinating retro style come from? If we understand the Acapulco chair's past, it gives us some clues about its current fame and its possible future:
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  11. One of the most fascinating things about Acapulco chairs is how little we actually know about it. Its sudden explosive popularity is something of a mystery, and even its creation story takes on aspects of myth. We are pretty sure who invented it, and his reasons for doing so. But we aren't certain. And before the world really had a chance to figure it out, Acapulco chairs just sort of... disappeared.

    Of course, the history of Acapulco chairs extends back well before that legendary caucasian designer developed his modern interpretation while on vacation in Mexico. The signature weave style that is the chair's trademark is based on a very ancient method of weaving simple furniture and basketry indigenous to the ancient Mayans who resided there long before the Europeans colonized the region.

    While we may not have a clear grasp of the "story" of the Acapulco chair's rise to fad-tastic glory in the United States and abroad, we certainly do know how Acapulco chairs are made (sometimes, the old methods do indeed prove to be the best methods):
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  13. And of course, the weave today is made of nylon or latex or some similar synthetic material. But the pattern remains the same:
  14. And the method yields some beautiful designs, like this one:
  15. Bright Green Acapulco Chair
    Bright Green Acapulco Chair
  16. And this one:
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  18. The jury's still out on why Acapulco chairs are making a come-back. Perhaps, as with craft beer, fixed-gear bicycles, V-neck T-shirts, and handlebar mustaches, it was just a matter of "the time was right" and retro quickly became cool again.

    One thing we can say pretty conclusively right now, though, is that Acapulco chairs are extremely comfortable as well as looking totally cool:
  19. Acapulco are perfect for hot summer days when all you want to do is sit back and cool off.