UNA Board meets with newly (re)elected members.

UNA Meeting, Oct 14, 2014


  1. Kathy and Thomas have not been alone in voicing concerns over the way the UNA Elections have proceeded. Many residents have expressed concerns over the wya the ambiguous rules of teh UNA alow for the perception of inappropriate election practices.
  2. Noise issues continue to be an ongoing concern. The primary problem source is landscaping equipment. Excessive mowing, trimming, leaf blowing, etc with machines that are gas burning with very little (to no) emissions controls are not only a noise problem but also a major pollution source.
  3. The board approved a motion setting up a review of the UNA election process. Prod, Carole, Andres and I all spoke in favour of reviewing and improving the election process. Ying initially spoke agiant the motion claiming the Menzies was trying to introduce spending limits (I have in the past, but this was not part of the motion before the board). After Richard brought in a revised motion that called for a restrictive terms of reference and slowed the review process down, the proposal was passed.