1. The Jan 13th meeting got off to a slow start: three elected directors were away, absent, or ill. A fourth arrived mid-way through the opening political presentations, which gave us the needed quorum of 5 directors.
  2. Local MP Joyce Murray was the first speaker and was followed by our regular list of reports to the Board. The main item on the agenda was the approval of appointments to the Electoral Advisory Committee. The motion passed without debate, half a year after the idea was initially brought forward. One trusts that the committee will act in the best interests of democratic practice and clean up the UNA's rather outmoded and problem ridden system.
  3. What follows are the tweets published by meeting observers and commentator in chronological order.
  4. The above two tweets is a bit of a condensed version. As part of explaining what her family firm does, she highlighted how they help first nations and then talked about how this shows her fiscal good governance capacity. I beleive her company started as a tre planting firm and has since morphed into a larger set of forest recovery activities more globally.
  5. Lots of hot water and tea bags. It's so strange (and ultimately insignificant), but for three years the only coffee served was decaf and then in a pique of annoyance a person totally removed it from offer when a Director brought his own coffee in one night that was guaranteed to have caffeine. How hard is it to have one container of real coffee?
  6. I just don't get these videos, why the UNA is involved, and who is really going to watch or care about them. They are 'cute' and professionally done. I can see that some staff had fun getting to play some back up roles. They ultimatley remind me of the PSA's that my son made when he was a student at U Hill Secondary. Hmmm. Actually, no they don't. My son and his classmates made real political videos that brought to light the inadequacies of the local schools and were part of a real solution that resulted in the wonderful new schools we have on campus today. Check out their video here: youtu.be/Gajr2j4S8wo