1. Charles has a Maltese (a Semitic country) Mother, an English Father and was born in Germany. He has lived in many countries around the world and considers himself a citizen of the planet. He believes the nation state is like Einstein reminded us "The Measles of Mankind"
  2. Everything is contextual so a full spectrum of tweets should represent a person more than a handful of misrepresented soundbites that confuse say Zionism with Judaism
  3. Charles has made controversial statements about the most powerful people in his country of origin.
  4. The British Establishment | Royal Approved Child Abusers Lord Greville Janner Baron Montague of Beauliue...
  5. But that doesn't mean he doesn't think love is the way forward
  6. The important thing with Charles' tweets is to click the links and verify for yourself if the information is credible.
  7. Israel Is Arming Syria's Rebels - Unspoken truce with Al Qaeda | Business Insider j.mp/1wW4t5o...
  8. Do consider that Charles claims his tweets are about highlighting global injustice online, while remembering that he is quick to smile in real life, and has friends of all races and nationalities including Blacks, Jews, Christians,Europeans, Muslims and Asians.
  9. It's a little hard to be a racist with four languages under his belt.
  10. Pee Poo or Boo or Mair Klong Toey
    Pee Poo or Boo or Mair Klong Toey
  11. Charles has lots of views on issues that the vast majority of people couldn't give a fig about. He's OK with that.
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  13. Charles does have a filling though so he's probably not to be trusted
  14. Charles is often attacked by anonymous people online who lack the backbone to contact him directly and would never dream of debating him live and recorded on matters of historical importance.
  15. Charles doesn't mind being attacked by these anonymous crazies as he has noticed in life that the overwhelming majority of people are good and kind and want to see a better world.