Year In Review: Making Change in 2011

2011 was a big year for Ashoka Changemakers. This is a quick look at the milestones that amped up the momentum for Changemakers and our community - and what it means for 2012. In no particular order... we present to you Changemakers' Year In Review:


  1. 1. ChangemakeHERS Campaign 
    In honor of the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, Changemakers launched a campaign celebrating some of the world's most inspiring women. 52 women were honored, thousands joined the movement. 
  2. 2. $1.5 Billion Pledged to Support Winners of the G-20 Competition
    The G-20 SME Finance Challenge yielded countless ideas on how to improve access to credit for SMEs. The winners were present at the G-20 Seoul Summit, and were congratulated in person by U.S. President Barack Obama, Korean President Lee Myung-bak, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. These world leaders announced this unprecedented funding commitment at the closing of the G-20 Seoul Summit. 
  3. 3. New Multimedia Tools & Platforms
    The Changemakers Editorial team began exploring new ways to tell stories, engage our community, and learn from innovators and experts around the world. 

    Since much of our work occurs online, we wanted to make sure that it is captured. New tools like Storify have helped us capture previously elusive stories, like the value of our #socentchats...
  4. ... or highlights from interesting events... 
  5. ... or, to simply tell stories. 
  6. After just a few months of using Storify, we were spotlighted on the home page as a "Featured User". 
  7. Another tool that has become a Changemakers favorite is Google+ Hangout

    As much as we love Skype, Google+ Hangout allows us to host conversations with up to 10 accounts. In November, we brought together the finalists of our Citizen Media competition for our first ever Google+ Hangout.
  8. We loved it - we got to meet and get to know the people behind some of these brilliant entries. 
    Our finalists loved it - they got to connect directly with each other, hear about the work others are doing in the field of citizen media, and communicate their innovation to the world.
    Our community loved it - our community got to hear directly from the finalists prior to voting, and got a peak into the minds behind the entries.
  9. 4. Over 350,000 Twitter Followers
    Our Twitter community continued to grow this year, at an exponential rate. @Changemakers shared stories, connected with innovators and thought-leaders around the world, and continued to host our ever popular #socentchats! So thank you, Twitterfriends. See you in the Twitterverse in 2012!
  10. 5. A New & Improved Voting Widget
    One of our major activities throughout the year is managing competitions, and an important part of our competition success is the votes people cast for our innovators. This year, for the Citizen Media competition, we launched a new voting widget which made it easier than ever to cast a vote. 
  11. 6. Citizen Media Toolkit
    The Google-sponsored citizen media competition yielded numerous exciting innovations. Entrants to this competition are changing the way we capture, distribute and consume information. With the global events of 2011, these new approaches to information-sharing could not be more relevant - so we put together a shnazy little tool for easier access to innovations in citizen media. 
  12. You can filter through 55 innovations in the toolkit by "tools", "target groups" or "strategies".  

    Happy exploring!
  13. 7. Huffington Post Column
    As our editorial team continues to grow, one of our fabulous writers created a column on the Huffington Post, reaching a new audience through her engaging stories. From STEM education to health carecitizen media to property rights, and the #occupy movement to job creation - Alison Hockenberry covered some of the most innovative entries to come through Changemakers in 2011. 
  14. 8. Changeshop in Private Beta
    In 2011 we announced the next big thing for Changemakers: CHANGESHOP. 

    In a nutshell, it's taking our community of innovators to the next level, but maybe our Chief Executive Partner should to the talking: 
  15. Welcome to Changeshop - Private Beta