Change Week sparks innovative ideas & discussions across the global Ashoka network

During the 2nd week of June, Ashoka rallied together for an action-packed Changemaker Week across the globe! 15 offices participated in #GEveryone. UK hosted the 2nd annual Ashoka Support Network Summit & Ireland; ChangeNation. Canada & UK hosted two innovator events with our partners. Read insights

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  1. Ashoka's core mission is to create an Everyone a Changemaker world where every individual is equipped with the skills to command change (empathy, collaboration, problem-solving, leadership). Change week shows what that world looks like, in action! It also shows the synergies across sectors & silos that make that world a reality!
  2. G-Everyone kicks off #ChangeWeek with discussions about local economies, open government, & technology ahead of the G8 Summit in the UK. #GEveryone, a full-day online conversation brought attention to voices across the world discussing solutions for the world's most pressing issues.
  3. @AshokaIreland convened #ChangeNation: A movement that takes the best practices and ground-breaking ideas from 3000+ #AshokaFellows across the globe for social transformation in one nation: Ireland. Take a glimpse at what happened, then TAKE ACTION to support massive scale change:
  4. Change Nation - One Year Later
  5. TAKE ACTION to help Ireland create massive impact! The first link contains the main 4 campaigns #ChangeNation has launched to scale change in Ireland.
  6. How can you become a changemaker? Find tips & resources. Fundamentals: empathy, leadership, collaboration & problem-solving. More #socent insights & how-to's from @AshokaCanada & @Changemakers' Emerging Innovator's Bootcamp and @AshokaUK Change Week events: