G-Everyone #AshokaG8 kicks off Changemaker Week! #ChangeWeek

One week before global leaders gather in the G8 Summit, the online community convened for G-everyone about innovation, local economies, tech & open gov. The conversation landed at the beginning of Ashoka's Global Changemaker Week. See some of the themes and insights from the full-day convo!


  1. Joining the conversation from ALL over the world, more than 10 countries - Indonesia, Kenya, Germany, Spain, France, US, Brazil, India, Scandinavia, Netherlands etc.

  2. Insights on local innovation, changemaking, technology and open government: Nothing can stop us from making change if we: have the empathy to listen & collaborate + the courage to innovate + have the local community lead the change

  3. Leading social entrepreneurs share their insights on the questions from G8 themes on Forbes compiled by AshokaUK: 
  4. What does it take to bring innovation from the local people! > Empathy + Innovation i.e Changemaking

  5. Stories of innovation in the hands of the people!

  6. Ashoka convened a Twitter-Based #SocEntChat to kick off GEveryone and Changemaker week, below you will find a glimpse at the insights shared during the conversation! 
  7. ON LOCAL INNOVATION: How can innovation stimulate your local economy? Answer: Local innovation in the hands of the community is the most powerful way to to create healthier societies!