Twitter Scavenger Hunt!

An epic quest by Lawrence Chan to find all the things


  1. The Hunt Begins
    This first tweet represents the onset of the hunt and my dedication to finding all of the things represented further down this list. This post will prove my dedication to the hunt and forestall any misgivings of the deeds I must perform along the way. Many will fall, but I shall rise
  2. School or Community Spirit: During game day over the weekend most felt compelled to equip their brightest t-shirts. But this fellow sought to prove that all you needed was a hat. He showed true school spirit with tasteful flair. Honestly, it doesn't take more than a will to purchase overpriced merchandise.
  3. Favorite food/drink place: Plainly Yummy House remains one of my favorite restaurants in town purely because it has decent Cantonese food, and serves proper Dim Sum. The sacrifices I pored for the elder gods were such untold, but in the end all was worth the cause of my hunger.
  4. Professor on the street: Dr. Sjoberg was kind enough to let me take an image of her while she was working with her mocktrial team.
  5. Student on the street: For this lovely insight into the inner workings of a UF student I ambushed a neighbor on my way home, his look of bewilderment is a true testament of humanity.
  6. Academic Excellence: The UF robotics team designs and builds robots intended to mine moon dust off of the moon. If this does not represent a clear example of cutting edge technology, I am uncertain what does.
  7. Summer fun: For some people fun in the sun is just a path toward painful and peeling sun burns. For those people we have a safe alternative in the form of indoor board games.
  8. Scenic Spot: This peaceful zone of contentment right outside library west represents a lull in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I like just going to the area outside of library west to just study or nap in the sun.

  9. Fanatic Fans: The Gator Fan represented in this tweet has his spirits greatly amplified when under the effects of ethanol. This bears further scientific research. However, I have come to the conclusion that he has great insight into how the UF football season may playout. Sadly my phone lacked capabilities to take video at the time of this engagement.
  10. Extracurriculer Extravaganza: Robots like Otto, shown in  the tweet, merely wave and say hello to people. Such is a overall improvement to evil depicted by the cyborg Daleks of Doctor Who. This is much more casual work and should thereby fall under the banner of extracurriculars.
  11. And the grandest finale of them all
  12. Freestyle: My very own contribution to the spirit of the hunt. I'll let you see for yourself what lies within, but I assure you that it demonstrates my own efforts in its entirety.
  13. Here are my replies to fellow students