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The Unconference of UpToAllOf.Us

"Up to All of Us" is an unconference that utilizes design thinking to generate ideas and facilitate collaboration. Its mission is to work across domains to respond to demands for innovation and change in learning and education, mediated with emerging technologies in an increasingly connected world.


  1. This is just some early curation of the sharing from our experiences at #UTAOU.  I hope to pull more together as everyone gets home and shares their thoughts in blogs and tweets!

  2. The unconference site - Amara Spa and Resort in Sedona, AZ
  3. UTAOU Cathedral Rock
    UTAOU Cathedral Rock
  4. The inspiring view for an inspiring weekend.
  5. Around the Amara grounds were plenty of quiet spots for small teams of attendees to get away and ideate.  The creek was a popular spot!
  6. Dave Gray's demonstration's of a visual "vocabulary" to communicate ideas clearly and succinctly resonated with everyone - as did Liz Burrow's suggestion for a signature "persons".  We practiced this and collected many on one page.  I hope somebody posts a picture of that page and tags it to add to this story!
  7. Bodystorming - @chambo_online calling customer service ...Liz Burrows is the computer (the computer was quite helpful in the "ideal state", by the located my lost luggage AND rerouted my flight :D all while I was on the phone with a real LIVE person who answered the call on the first ring...yes, the ideal state...)
  8. A paradigm map getting at the right questions to develop the concepts of what is needed for a great learning delivery system to develop the optimal learning "me" (employee/student/you-fill-in-the-blank) ---> notice that the learner is driving that optimal train.