Water: A Global Crisis

Students across North America came together, mentored by graduate students, to seek out and build consensus on how our local, national and international governments and communities can work together and resolve this ever magnifying issue of Water: A Glob


  1. The day started with full of excitement. We have schools joining us from all over Canada to open a dialogue on the global water crisis.  We also had two guest speakers, a graduate student from University of Alberta and Dr. Hallstorm from Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities.
  2. We started the day with individuals sharing their experiences when they had to deal with water shortage. Individual shared how they went out using and saving water, what other resources they turned to substitute water, what creative ways they kept clean or clean things, and so on. 
  3. After hearing about their experiences, we went to start our discussion. No one wants to experience a week without water. The question that was on everyone's mind is what pressure on and threats to water in their local community. 
  4. We started the second half of the video conference with Dr. Hallstrom. As an expert on the topic, Dr. Hallstron shared some mind-blowing facts about how much water we use, how much water is wasted everyday, where the largest body of fresh water can be found, and so on.
  5. After hearing about the amazing facts shared by Dr. Hallstrom, everyone wanted to what can be done to stop the water crisis. What if we made water a commodity for sale, will it solve all the worlds problem? If water is for sale, will everyone be able to afford it? Will buying water stop people from wasting water?
  6. What a powerful conversation. By end of the video conference, everyone was more curious to know how water can be reserved. Dr. Hallstrom shared an excellent resource that allows individuals to measure their own water footprint.