Middle East in Transition: The Story According to Twitter

This is a story written by hundreds of students from all around the world, via Twitter, of our Middle East in Transition VC, on Oct 24. We brought students together with experts from the US, Canada, Lebanon and Israel to talk. As you will see, the conversation was amazing!!


  1. We're just about to start! Everyone is super excited!! We have students from as far North as Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, all the way to Del Vally Texas, and across the ocean to Beirut, Lebanon and Haifa Israel! 
  2. Now we're getting down to business. Let's start the first discussion!! Is Violence ever justified? 
  3. Now we're going to spend a couple minutes in our own school before we reconnect to the group via video conference.
  4. Our second questions was reinterpreted by Mark Thomas in Israel, "Rather than focusing on the difference between a Freedom Fighter and a Terrorist, let's first talk about what it means to lose everything. Only once we start to get our head around this, can we even have the debate over one vs the other.