Let’s Talk Mental Health!

We joined students, teachers and guest speakers from all over Canada to open a dialogue about mental health. Students openly held conversations about mental health issues and on ways to reduce stigma and discrimination faced by those who may need help within their own schools and local communities.


  1. We're just about to start! Everyone is super excited!! Our amazing speakers, Jessica Diamond, Lynda Monahan, Tracey Erin Smith,  and Carolyn Mak, have generously given their time to make this event a great success. 
  2. Our first speaker, Lynda Monahan from the Canadian Mental Health Association, shared how writing can used a powerful outlet to unwind or share with others what is on your mind. 
  3. Lynda read a poem published in the Writing for Your Life Anthology.  She also had a member of Writing for Your Life, read a poem he wrote about dealing with schizophrenia.  
  4. Our second speaker Jessica Diamond, Recreation Thearapist  from Centre for Addictions and Mental Health, provided us with example of how we can use both sports and art recreations to move forward. We were lucky to have Jessica share her personal experiences with depression. 
  5. Next we had Tracey Erin Smith,  a Performer, Founder and Creative Director at SoulOTheatre.  She shared a very personal story about her fathers's suicide and how theatre helped her heal.